Tuesday 6 July 2010

The Baltimore 'Green Zone'

View Baltimore 'green zone' 2007/2008 in a larger map
A friend of a friend is moving to Baltimore and asked Em and I which parts of Baltimore we considered safe. I figured other people might be interested so I created this map. Note that it has been some time since I was in Baltimore (07-08), and I mainly hung out around the Inner Harbor so this map is biased towards that area. It also completely disregards some nice areas such as those up near the Hopkins Homewood campus (and probably many others) because we barely went there.

The 'green zone' represents where I would feel comfortable walking at night (yes, not everywhere is like the wire, but certain parts definitely are). The area I would walk in during the day is a bit larger, and I might get around to adding that at some point.

While I was doing this I looked around for existing map overlays for Bmore and found this awesome crime map, the Gay Baltimore map, and a fairly shitty bar map.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Greg. You're a great source of info. I'll let you know when we're settled so you can visit.