Tuesday 9 March 2010

Bondi, crazy traffic, narrow miss

We combined our walk (see next post) with a lightning visit to see Kass, Matt, Luca, and Shell in Bondi on Saturday. Unfortunately the expected 3-hour trip turned into about 5 hours due to a smash in the tunnel on the M5. We got off the M5 and crawled through the suburbs and legions of people heading to the 'Future' music festival at Moore Park, and we almost added to the problem when someone jammed on their brakes in front of us. The tyres have less rubber on them, but we managed to avoid a smash.

Sadly we didn't take any photos, but we had a great time checking out Bondi, meeting Luca, and seeing Matt and Kass' place. When I was going for a swim I noticed I seemed to have picked the all male section of the beach - apparently the Mardi Gras people forgot to book the after-party venue for the day of the parade (Antiques Roadshow beat them to it!), so the party was on last weekend.

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