Sunday 6 September 2009

Mountain Bike and Trials World Championships

We went to the MTB and trials world champs today to see the mens and womens 'elite' downhill as well as the trials.

It was amazing, with thousands of people climbing all over Mt. Stromlo. Saw some amazing riding, and some nasty falls - I thought I was going to get cleaned up by the Swiss guy below, who lost it on the corner I was standing on about half a second after I took that photo...Also saw a Italian guy snap his forks off in the trials rocks course, then proceed to throw his bike because he was so pissed off.

There were heaps of different trials courses including rocky gullies, piled-up skips, logs, pallets, and a tractor (!?)

If you haven't seen trials riding before, put "mountain bike trials" into youtube and prepare to be amazed. Who would've thought a mountain bike was a good choice of equipment to climb a tree with....

Check out the the entire course on helmet cam!

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