Monday 20 October 2008


O'ahu was definitely the big city compared to the other islands, but we had a great time chilling out for our final days in the US:
  • Beaches.
  • Pearl Harbor memorial, pretty amazing, built over the wreck of the USS Arizona.
  • Our $3 lilo made an awesome glass bottomed boat for snorkeling at Hanauma Bay Beach Park, checking out fish and coral, well mainly fish, most of the coral had been stepped on by millions of tourists.
  • Watched the Hawks take out the AFL grand final in a bar in Honolulu with bemused/bored Americans :)
  • Ate lunch at Keneke's - a crazy fish and chip shop whose outdoor area was full of religious graffiti, mainly random bible verses and inspiration like 'Some know of Jesus, Some know Jesus!'
  • Beach hopped around the northern beaches, which (in the winter) are home to the legendary waves you see in surfing videos. Amazing we swam at the Banzai pipeline beach, and there was no surf! We swam at four or five different beaches, it was great to get away from the touristy beaches and swim where the locals go.
  • Found it amusing that Hawaii has an interstate freeway. Think about it.
I thought Hawaii was awesome, could definitely spend more time there. In a lot of ways it really is halfway between the US and Australia, some random stuff that made me feel at home: metric signs, egg on a hamburger, prawns instead of shrimp, tim tams (Malaysian export version!?), toilets instead of restrooms.

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