Friday 28 December 2007

Deer joins US bobsled team

We did a tour of the Olympic Park near Salt Lake City, where the 2002 Olympic bobseld, luge, skeleton, and ski jump events were held. It has an great museum that even includes a long video about Alisa Camplin's win and footage of her practising ski jumping into a dirty brown dam with leeches at home in Australia. Stephen Bradbury also gets a mention in the same video, which made Em and I burst into laughter to the surprise of all the Americans sitting around us!

Our tour guide had plenty of wacky stories, like how he thinks he is the only person in the world to have ridden a tyre inner tube down the almost vertical ski jump landing ramp head first. My favourite was the deer who decided to jump into the bobsled track and ride it all the way to the bottom. The photo is of some guys working on the track who do a massive double take when they almost get knocked over by a deer hurtling down the track! It rode the track all the way to the end where the maintenance guys pushed it out with brooms.

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