Monday, 6 February 2012

Ella visits her 3rd and 4th Californian hospitals

Of the three main vacations we've had in the US this time around, Ella has ended up in hospital on two of them :(  Once in-utero when she tried to have an early birthday at 30 weeks in the Sonoma valley wine country, and this time in Joshua Tree when she got hit by a really bad virus.

We took her to the ER in Joshua Tree with a fever and a cough, and to our surprise she was soon started on breathing treatments and given chest x-rays.  She also was put on an IV, which was traumatic for everyone, not least of whom the nurse doing it, who thankfully managed to hit her tiny little vein on the first try.  She was later transferred by ambulance to Palm Springs, almost an hour's drive, where she spent two nights in quarantine having breathing treatments around the clock.  Here she is looking a little grumpy with her IV wrapped up, but otherwise pretty chill considering what has been going on.

She is home now and doing a lot better, although we have quite a medication regime to follow for the next week or so.


Lydia said...

Poor little sprite. Get well soon Ella.

Laura said...

From the family in the UK get well soon darling Ella.x